Our Bijoux are handmade creations assembled

with patience.

All the flowers and natural elements that we choose to introduce into the glass shapes are specially chosen based on our experiences.


In fact, not all flowers are suitable for these creations, our sorting derives from various attempts, mistakes-failures-victories… in short, from a few experiments!


Most of the flowers we use have been collected and dried by us, following research paths, walks and wanderings through bushes, meadows and woods.


Each pendant is a unique piece.

Not only because each flower is different from another but precisely because of the time and manpower that hides behind the processing.


The rosebuds, lavender, calycanthus, japan rose, yarrow, daisy, chamomile, statice and in general most of the flowers present in the necklaces are already dried while the dandelion seeds and the musk Icelandic are fresh and will dry slowly inside the glass, remaining almost intact in shape and color with the passing of the seasons.


Each element of nature is unique, never identical and behaves a little to itself so it is impossible to establish the transformation that each individual part can undergo.

Therefore we cannot guarantee the immutability over the years of our pendants.


The beauty of Nature cannot be stopped,

it passes just as the seasons go by....

We only try to maintain the bond with It and to grasp its tiny parts to bring this memory of beauty even in the cold winters....

an emotion always warms the heart.


by Lisa Bregolin


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