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what is

the paper that


The Paper that Blooms is a plantable, ecological and biodegradable handmade paper created with recycled paper integrated with a special blend of annual and perennial flower seeds.

When the paper is wet and then planted in the ground, the seeds sprout and the paper produces compost.


All that remains are flowers and herbs , without waste.

Being produced with post-consumer materials it doesn't harm the environment, so no trees are cut for this process.




With this union of paper and seeds, whenever we choose to bury the paper instead of trashing it, we give way to Nature to regenerate , to be born, to flower, to grow.


We thus bring a new life to our planet, giving a little help to Nature and our garden Earth!!!!


HOW TO plant


Soak the paper

in a bowl of 

water overnight, then

break it up.


Sow the paper in

a mild place e

bright under a

thin layer of earth

(maximum 1 cm).


Take care of it,

keep the 

moist soil

at least for

first days.

will sprout

After a short time the paper will sprout.

You will see life, sweetness and color appear in your garden!

NB To obtain the best germination results, the paper must be planted within 1 year .


Daisy, Alisso , Forget me not, Poppy, Silene, Delphinium, Carnation and many others ....


Based on the seasonality of the products, we introduce different seeds.


You will find all the various information on the product pages of our shop.


Once you have placed your order, you will receive the

specific sowing indications.

flowers sprout


Daisy, mix of Japanese flowers, Poppy, Clarkia,

Viola, mix of 30 seeds "Flower garden", Alisso, mix of 30 seeds "Flower garden",

Pink daisy ....


We are a small craft activity based

in Brianza, near Milano.





The idea of ​​starting with this tiny company was born from the challenge of combining Italian craftsmanship, manual skills and imagination with love for plants and flowers and above all with the dream of repopulating Nature the places where we live by making them greener, harmonious and livable.

All the objects we make with love, would like to pursue a green and sustainable philosophy, based on respect for Mother Nature, for the neighbor and for the environment in which we live.


Precisely for this reason the idea of the Plantable Paper was born!



setaccio di carta che germoglia, la carta piantabile fatta a mano in italia

how we


the paper

that blooms

Our paper is handmade using the slow artisan process with wooden sieves.


The creation of a sheet of paper is long and not simple.

It took a lot of tests before we got a satisfactory, plantable, sproutable and salable product.


The realization of a sheet occurs in this way:

we take the waste paper and after soaking it in water for a couple of days we chop it up to obtain a mush. Then we add water and seeds and we get the dough.

To make the fibers bind together again, we pass the dough through the wooden sieves that separate them from the water.

So we get the sheet. Once removed from the sieve, we press the paper and let it dry for a few days.


Here is the Plantable Paper, ready to be used and then planted!


the scraps to which we give

new life

The Plantable Paper is produced with paper from the scraps of other activities to which we give doubly new life.


We recover a waste paper product without inks and glues , we work it again by creating a new paper to which we then add the seeds of flowers, plants and herbs which, by sprouting, will open a new life cycle and rebirth.


The trees that at the beginning of the process had been cut down and used for cellulose are now reintegrated with new Nature.


In short, The Paper that Blooms brings new life to your lap.

carta piantabile, carta che germoglia con all'interno semi di fiori ed erbe annuali e perenni. carta fata a mano made in italy da redacia


We pay a lot of attention to seeds, a fundamental element of our work and more generally, given their importance, in our life and in our future.


The seeds present in the paper that germinates are specially chosen following our various germination tests.

Not all seeds are suitable for combining with paper.


The seeds we use are absolutely no-OGM and are produced

by an Italian company that guarantees compliance with the legal requirements .


each sheet

it's a

single piece

Every in fact, the sheet we make is in itself, it is a unique piece.


Rough or smooth, rich in long, narrow seeds or tiny black dots, jagged, imprecise and irregular, with the characteristic edges of handmade or punched paper, with or without colored petals to embellish it.


We believe that beauty lies precisely in this uniqueness and that diversity can be not a defect, but an added value.


Pieces identical to themselves are the result of a fast mechanical production made in series.


The difference , the tiny imperfection , the long process of producing a sheet of paper, " being made by hand ", made in Italy, uniqueness, attention to detail provide quality and beauty to the patient and passionate work of a craftsman.


fogli di carta che germoglia tinti con colori naturali, tonalità verdi, azzurre e viola di carta piantabile, plantable paper, carta fatta a mano in italia da redacia



The Paper that Blooms white is made only and exclusively with waste paper to which we add absolutely no tint and no chemical bleach.


Precisely for this reason, in fact, the white of our sheets is not a bright and cold white like a generic printer sheet but rather a warm white.


The colored Paper that Blooms is made with waste paper to which we add only natural dyes such as earth and other natural dyes created with vegetable products to avoid damaging the seeds inside the paper.


The colors of the paper, being natural, can therefore vary both from game to game and over time.


fogli di carta piantabile "la carta che grmoglia" realizzata a mano in italia nel laboratorio artigianale di redacia, seed paper, plantable paper, carta seminabile

how to use

the paper that blooms

The Paper that Blooms can be safely stamped and written .



It would be perfect if completely natural inks were used, but in general it is possible to write with any pen, pencil, crayon, marker, brush etc.


The only precautions in this case are: avoid sprinkling the entire surface of the sheet with ink and avoid applying too much pressure in order not to compromise the seeds.




It can be printed with ink-jet printers, letterpress and screen printing .



On the other hand, printing processes that exert pressure or burn seeds, for example offset printing or laser printing, should be avoided.


To keep in mind for printing: do not cover the entire surface of the sheet with ink to avoid compromising the germinability of the seeds.




The Paper that Blooms can be pasted with some caution.



If you want to go into the kitchen and do some DIY, you can create a natural glue with water and flour .


Or you can still use any chemical glue, however, being careful to spread it in a limited place.


In fact, it is important not to sprinkle the entire surface of the sheet with glue so as to leave some seeds free.



      stamp and write








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